Hawaii Through Five Senses

ALOHA FROM JENNIE:  For those of us who can enjoy five human senses unencumbered, being able to touch, smell, see, hear, and taste Hawaii is truly a blessing. 

All around our islands, we can touch and feel the kiss of the year round sunshine and cool trade wind breezes. We smell our salty ocean and the fragrant plumeria and ginger blossoms, while seeing and appreciating the translucent rainbows and vividly colored Hawaiian flowers.

Nothing beats the experience of seeing a graceful hula dance while listening to the rhythmic pounding of Polynesian drums or the melodic strumming of Hawaiian ukuleles and slack key guitars.

Our taste buds are rewarded with a bountiful supply of fresh Hawaiian fruits, aqua cultured shrimp and freshly caught ahi tuna, ranch raised beef, topped off with Kona coffee and local wines.  "Lucky we live Hawaii".