Enjoying the Journey


ALOHA FROM JENNIE AND LINDA:  Our website is over six months old! During this Thanksgiving month, we fondly think back over the past weeks and reflect upon the two dozen blog articles here, our daily updated Facebook community page, as well as the recent launch of our Technology Q&A column, and we are grateful to those of you who have taken time out of your busy lives to visit with us and enjoy what we have to share about Hawaii.

Our latest project has been to write an e-book. Well, actually, it's a pictorial e-magazine called 'A Dog's Life in Hawaii'. One of our pups narrates a guided tour through his favorite island spots. We hope that those of you who have enjoyed our photo images will like seeing a collection of Hawaiian scenery, while others with young children in their lives might find reading together about Hawaii through the eyes of a dog fun (there are guest cats in the book, we know many of you are feline lovers as well).

As a thank you, we're giving away the e-book for free, hoping to share it with as many of you as possible. The e-magazine can be downloaded from our Links/Downloads page or below, either as a PDF or Apple iBooks file:

If you have an Apple device with the iBooks app installed, then please download instead the iBook version of the e-magazine below. It's a large 9MB file, so you'll have a few minutes of the spinning circle before the magazine loads into your iBook app, depending on your download speed. Best viewed in landscape orientation, our iBook pages will flip like a 'real' magazine, and bonus content includes two direct links to our YouTube channel so that you can see short videos of our puppies' Easter egg hunt, and bedtime ritual.

For those of you who enjoy writing note cards, we're also providing an aloha note card PDF template, as well as a calendar, for downloading/printing on our Links/Downloads page. We'd love any feedback that you might have on these projects.

There's a saying that the destination isn't as important as the journey to get there. We have learned so much in putting together the website, as well as our social media accounts, and we hope to evolve even more with your interest and support! Much mahalo (thank you) to everyone and may you and yours have a wonderful holiday season!

Hawaii Through Five Senses

ALOHA FROM JENNIE:  For those of us who can enjoy five human senses unencumbered, being able to touch, smell, see, hear, and taste Hawaii is truly a blessing. 

All around our islands, we can touch and feel the kiss of the year round sunshine and cool trade wind breezes. We smell our salty ocean and the fragrant plumeria and ginger blossoms, while seeing and appreciating the translucent rainbows and vividly colored Hawaiian flowers.

Nothing beats the experience of seeing a graceful hula dance while listening to the rhythmic pounding of Polynesian drums or the melodic strumming of Hawaiian ukuleles and slack key guitars.

Our taste buds are rewarded with a bountiful supply of fresh Hawaiian fruits, aqua cultured shrimp and freshly caught ahi tuna, ranch raised beef, topped off with Kona coffee and local wines.  "Lucky we live Hawaii".