Garden Chronicles

ALOHA FROM JENNIE aka Novice Gardener: This page was started to support newbies who wish to take up gardening. The National Gardening Association reported last year that one in three U.S. households have a food garden, and 63% of millennials now garden. 

Surely all these people must find some fulfillment in gardening, I thought. There must be more to life than enjoying mangoes from other backyards, or marveling at the beauty of cut floral arrangements. Thus, as I enter my fifties, I begin my journey to make things flourish with Mother Earth. 

My hope in chronicling our (mis)adventures is that we can chuckle together, and with any luck, lure the many green thumbers out there for whom gardening is a passion to take pity on us and share their tips here. Welcome to our online gardening community!