Garden Inspirations

As the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain, Kauai receives the most rainfall, and is known as the Garden Isle. The humidity creates a lush environment that bromeliads thrive in, as you can see from these beautiful photos--the plants grow in the wild, even making their way up palm trees, without any intervention by gardeners.

I recently re-potted my two bromeliads after realizing that their root systems can't sit in moist soil, apparently the bulb rots easily. Their preferred media is peat moss and bark chips so that the water will quickly drain. I also learned to put a little water in the base reservoir where all of the leaves overlap to form a rosette.

One of our seniors brought back these photos during her recent swing through this tiny island, and I'm inspired by the use of natural materials in landscaping gardens. Here's a lava rock creation with an Asian garden flair, and an orchid showing off its beautiful colors and delicate petals. 

Isn't it fun to see ultimate gardens that we can work towards?