Rocky the Hawaiian Pup Free eBook

We're glad that you've enjoyed our scenes from Hawaii, especially via our daily Facebook and Instagram posts. Our seniors are hoping that you'll also like the pictorial contained in our e-magazine 'A Dog's Life in Hawaii', and that the keikis (children) in your life will find the puppy guided tour of our islands fun. Our e-magazine can be downloaded below as a PDF file.

If you have an Apple device with the iBooks app installed, then please download instead the iBook version of the e-magazine below. It's a large 9MB file, so you'll have a few minutes of the spinning circle before the magazine loads into your iBook app, depending on your download speed. Best viewed in landscape orientation, our iBook pages will flip like a 'real' magazine, and bonus content includes two direct links to our YouTube channel so that you can see short videos of our puppies' Easter egg hunt and bedtime ritual.

Rocky has his own Facebook page where he shares daily posts about his adventures, friends, and all things Hawaii from the pet perspective. Please visit him at and click the "Like" and "Follow" buttons on the top bar. 

Complimentary Note Card

As a thank you for visiting our site, we're providing a blank note card template which can be downloaded as a PDF file, printed on 8.5" x 11" paper, folded into fourths, and used to jot notes to the people in your life. Hope that you find this touch of aloha fun to use!

Annual 2017 Reference Calendar

Do you still like to keep a printed 'year at a glance' calendar by your desk or on your wall for reference? Feel free to download our PDF and print it on 8.5 x 11 paper landscape style. We're also taking a survey on our Facebook page as to which of our photo images you may like to see on annual or monthly calendars. 

Other websites of interest:

  • A comprehensive blog about our Aloha State is located at  This site really gives you the flavor of our vibrant cosmopolitan Hawaii over a span of the last decade.
  • We enjoy WebMD because it's such a robust health care site. Apps for mobile device reading are available so that you can view materials including the same WebMD magazine issues that you see in your physician's waiting room. 
  • has news and reviews geared towards senior needs in mind.
  • We wouldn't be complete without mentioning the benefits of the AARP (fka American Association of Retired Persons).  Also, the local Hawaii chapter of AARP is located at the link here. 
  • A fun Facebook page, which can be accessed even if you don't have a Facebook account, is This site belongs to Sassy Senior Solutions and contains many posts of gadgets, tools, ideas, and solutions geared towards us seniors.
  • If your circle of friends is anything like our group, some of us are in our fifties and actively hike (as you can tell from our blog articles) and exercise, while others of us are in our sixties and not as active due to physical injuries and ailments. Our seniors in their seventies and eighties have less mobility due to older age.  A website that has interesting articles covering the entire spectrum can be found on the featured articles and stories page at Included are tips and info for marathon runners, hikers, walkers, and even a posture guide for children. And of course, there are resources for those of us who need walking aids now and then, such as how to shorten a walking stick (at their Help Desk Information page).

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