Q: Can I Take Down or Change My Facebook 'Year in Review' Holiday Card?

A: You can definitely change the photo and text content displayed in your Facebook Year In Review Card. As background, for those of you who use Facebook to stay in touch with the people in your lives, you may have noticed that 'holiday albums' containing photos from the past year for each of your friends have been appearing in your Newsfeed. Generally, those holiday albums have been a fun recap of significant events during the past year.  

You may also notice that Facebook has 'prepopulated' your very own card with photos, because that card will appear every few days in your Newsfeed, or when you finish viewing a friend's card, the very last window will say "See some of the moments you shared with friends this year", along with a blue colored bar that says "View Now".

If you tap or click the blue bar, it will launch the Facebook software app that creates a customized album that you can then share with your friends. If you don't want to view your own card, you can simply click the white 'X' that appears on the top left of your friend's final card page and you'll be returned to your Newsfeed.

If you do proceed with viewing your card, through algorithm programming, Facebook prepopulates your holiday album with photos from your timeline, or photos in which you may have been tagged. As explained in our Seniors' Love-Hate Relationship with Social Media blog post, sometimes these photos may not be appropriate in the festive holiday album setting, with its happy balloons or colorful confetti. The photo images might be of loved ones that passed away this year, or tragic events like a house fire. 

Facebook's Year In Review help center  

For those of you who don't wish to post a Year In Review card, simply be careful to never click the gray "Share" button that appears either on the top right hand corner of your card, or the blue "Share" button on the bottom right of the last page when you scroll to the end of your cord.

Alternatively, if you do wish to post a card after making customized changes, then you should scroll to the bottom of your card and click the white "Customize" button on the bottom left.  The app will then show you colorful 'theme' options that will create the decorations and frames of your various card pages, and you can change the prepopulated Highlights Cover Photo to another photo in your Facebook Photos section, or you can upload new photo files from your computer hard drive or mobile device's camera directory.

As you scroll down, you'll be presented with additional chronological sections where you can write narratives about various events, and change the photos shown, or upload new ones. You can also add sections to commemorate other special events that you'd like to share (but that Facebook didn't prepopulate).

Finally, if you are seeing a friend's album in your Newsfeed that you'd prefer not to see, you can click or tap the small gray triangle that appears on the top right of the post and select "I don't want to see this". You can also do this for your 'own' card which might appear periodically in your Newsfeed, even though you haven't changed or shared it with anyone.

We hope that this article will help you customize your Facebook holiday viewing experience.